Fallout 4 Launch sees good cosplay turnout.

Cosplayers were out in force at the Eldon Square GAME store’s midnight launch of Fallout 4.


The event, which offered prizes to those turning up in the best costumes, attracted a


Graham and Kirsty


Couple Graham and Kirsty came dressed as everyone’s favourite clone Gary from Vault 108 and Fallout 3’s Lone Wanderer.


Graham: It’s hard to say, little bits at a time. Probably a good few hours. Most of it was just trying to get stuff.

Kirsty: Sourcing the materials for the dart gun was probably the hardest.

Graham: Trying to find a decent toy car. Lots of Ebay errors, lots of toy cars bought in the wrong size. Then little things, finding the right paint gun. The suits themselves were quite easy to find.

Kirsty: Ebay job, tenner, simple.

Graham: If I had time and money I would have went with power armour, but just keep it classic.


They also had Fallout beer, which Graham disappointingly described as “just Carlsberg rebranded.”


Graham and Kirsty won best costume despite it being their first and “probably only” time cosplaying.

Jonathan Joseph as “The Mechanist”


Jonathan Joseph dressed as “The Mechanist”.


After deciding to cosplay at about 12am, Jonathan managed to construct his Mechanist  outfit  from cardboard in just five hours.


“I was going to try and make some power armour but I decided in the time available it wouldn’t be feasible. I had a look online and saw a guy dressed up as this and thought that’s a good one I can do that in the time needed.”


Matt and Lily


Matt and Lily dressed as a Brotherhood of Steel scientist and a wanderer with a gas mask (+1STR).


When asked about the time their costumes took to make and them Matt and Lily said:


Matt: Not very long, we find the simpler costumes are sometimes the better ones to go for, especially when you’re a student.

Lily: And also the ones where you can come up with the best background story, my character is only level 10, hence I don’t have cool equipment yet. And I’m over my weight limit.

Matt: At the university I study medicine so it was an easier costume to go for. I was going to go as Fantastic from Fallout: New Vegas but I decided to go as someone from Fallout 3 instead.

Lily: I like to wear a gas mask.


Megan Connor as Moira Brown

Megan Connor dressed as landmine enthusiast Moira Brown.


“It probably only took about three days to bleach the outfit,” claimed Megan before going on to say


“I think she’s both one of the most loveable and hateable characters in the game depending on the way you play and I think even when you wanted to kill her you can’t”


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