Animex 2016:Star Citizen

Foundry 42’s Ship Art Director Nathan Dearsley kicked off this year’s Animex festival alongside Teesside University alumni and Senior Artist Neil McKnight.


The pair spoke at length about the design challenges their team has encountered while working on the game including the difficulty in scaling reusable assets on both small, personal vessels and larger ships, some of which are reported to be “miles long”


“While the rest of the game is in development ships tend to fall under scrutiny because everyone expects a parallel level of detail,” explained McKnight.


Interestingly, the Foundry 42 team have looked towards real photographs of damaged aircraft as inspiration for their damaged vessels as:


“Damaged aircrafts are the closest thing we can get to spaceship damage at this point in time.”


Textures are set to show different damage levels 100%, 75% 50% and 0% by replacing a layered skin in several small sections of a ship. Both internal and external damage should be visible.
Star Citizen, a largely crowdfunded game is set for release at some point in 2016.


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