Rare’s Louise O’Connor discusses the creative process.

Rare Incubation Director Louise O’Connor discussed the creative process Rare use when creating games while using examples from her own career.


After opening with the Einstein quote: “Creativity is intelligence having fun” O’Connor went on to give a tour of the less technical, more creative, crayons in the back room side of the games industry.


The friendly competition that comes with Rare’s annual game jams was a key topic. O’Connor encouraged people to get involved in game jams wherever possible and pointed out Rare’s studio was shut down every year for a creative jam.


People are encouraged to do whatever they feel like doing, not just games but songs, films, and curiously, woodcutting were all encouraged. The five day time limit and capped size of teams were seen by O’connor as a positive force as it forced participants into action.


Rare’s encouragement of “onesheets” was also brought up. They are seen as useful because they teach creatives to talk about their ideas in a very concise way.


The onesheets (literally one sheet of paper that encompasses an entire game idea) at Rare have to be catchy as they are pinned to a wall and surrounded by a lot of competition. And some are very catchy indeed.
Tramps Vs Vamps with the tagline “The homeless are humanity’s last chance against the bloodsuckers” seems like an outstanding idea for a game but, sadly, has yet to be commissioned.



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