Animex 2016: Ex Activision Marketing Director McClellan gives marketing advice to budding games designers.

“Never compromise” was the message from marketing director of MMC, Ian McClellan, as he appeared at his second Animex to dish out marketing advice to the fledgeling games developers in attendance.

The talk was a break away from the standard discussions that take place at Animex but no doubt many in the audience will find the advice useful as they look forward in their careers.

McClellan has a solid marketing pedigree having spent time at Activision where he worked as the European marketing director for the Call of Duty series, Guitar Hero III and Skylanders.


One of the key themes of McClellan’s talk was the need for belief in your ideas and and a refusal to sell them short.


Quoting his former boss at Activision, McClellan said: “Have a clear vision of what you want the game to be. You’ve got to know and you’ve got to refuse to compromise because you’ll only pay in the long term. That refusing to compromise part is really important because if you don’t look after this idea, your publisher or whoever you’re working with is not going to do it for you.”
McClellan spent most of the talk fielding questions from the audience, each of which he answered clearly.


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