Animex 2016: Gary Napper interviews Life Is Strange creators.

Sony’s Gary Napper conducted an interview with Life Is Strange creators Michael Kock and Raoul Barbert focusing on getting published, female protagonists and how two adult men learned to write from the perspective of a teenage girl.


The game’s early development (including the fact it was part written on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) was discussed along with the difficulties in getting it published.


Publishers were put off by the fact it had a teenage female lead and the fact you could “sit in your room and play guitar for 20 minutes is you wanted.”


Kock and Barbert eventually approached Square Enix who decided to take the game on:

“They really loved the game, it was maybe a risk but it was a risk they were willing to take with this product. We are really happy and lucky that they accepted the game, and in the end I think the game is exactly the one we had in mind. They were really supportive”
Life Is Strange was Square Enix’s first episodic game and ws received well by critics.


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