Animex 2016: Golden Advice from Ken Wong

Ken Wong, Lead Designer at Ustwo and creator of hit indie puzzle game Monument Valley used his spot at Animex to give advice to budding game designers.


Wong started by talking about his own career path and achievements including his experiences at Animex, where he has been appearing since 2005.


The talk then moved on to the advice stage, with Wong discussing the benefits of regularly making games, citing Adriel Wallack’s one game a week for a year project.


The importance of starting small and building towards your goal was a key theme with renowned filmmaker and South Shields native Ridley Scott as an example. Wong’s advice was to start small, Scott’s first film, “Boy and Bicycle” starred his brother and was shot in Hartlepool where Scott was attending art college.


Wong then showed a slide of Scott and Sigourney Weaver on the set of  Aliens with the quote “Your dream game is a boss. Level up first.”
The lecture then moved on to the balance between aesthetics and semantics and what matters more in particular games, the use of tools, the importance of play testing and how learning from and moving past failure is important.


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