Escape: Close Call

Escape: Close Call is a simple little driving game that may be more addictive than crystal meth. On a base level, you’re in a car, being chased by the police/swat teams/the army and have to survive as long as possible whilst racking up near misses, power slides and finding shortcuts.


Your car is upgradable and harder stages can be unlocked. Some of the upgrades, like a bigger petrol tank, may be more vital than others as running out of fuel is a limiting factor. Though, weaponry is available later in the game which may change a player’s gameplay style.


Visually, Escape: Close Call looks like it has taken a lot of inspiration from the early Grand Theft Auto games, although the style of driving looks far more advanced than GTA 1 and 2. There is a lot of hype surrounding Escape: Close Call and it could well be one of Greenlight’s success stories.


Developers Tarboosh Games are working closely with Steam to get Escape: Close Call on the market within the next month or two.


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