Strayed is the latest survival game to come through Steam Greenlight. On the face of it, Strayed seems to be very similar to another of Greenlight’s alumni “The Forest” what with it being set on a desert island, featuring a dynamic weather system, incorporating a crafting and building system etcetera. It doesn’t seem to include a tribe of cannibals however, so the only glaring difference so far is the lack of under dressed natives intent on having the player’s love pods for lunch.


Oh, and instead of arriving on a downed aircraft, you’re a retired US Marine who arrives on a boat. Your boat breaks down and you’re too incompetent to fix it, you also don’t seem to be a member of whatever the seaborne equivalent of the AA isso the Marines, evidently, aren’t as prepared as the boy scouts.


Although details are thin on the ground at the moment, Strayed will have to do a lot to set itself apart from other, very similar, titles on Steam. If it meets this challenge, the developers will have a superb game on their hands; if it doesn’t, then Strayed will just fall into that pit in Nevada where they throw all of the failed GTA and Doom clones. Probably.



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