Animex Auction Raises Over £1800 For Charity

Animex’s annual charity auction, held during the Player’s Lounge event has raised over £1800 for local food banks and charities.


The auction, hosted by game designer Alex Trowers featured items donated by Valve, Ustwo and a surprise addition from Rare’s Louise O’Connor who added a Conker plush from her own collection to the pile.


Elizabeth Larkman, 25, was the auction’s top spender, bidding an astonishing £490 on five different items.


Elizabeth is an animex regular and claims to have spent over £2000 on various items over the years. When questioned about her tenacity when it comes to bidding for items, Elizabeth said:


“I’ve lost only when I’ve decided that someone else really wants it.” An example of this was the night’s surprise item, Louise O’Connor’s Conker Plushie:


“The guy next to me was jumping all over the place so I kind of decided he obviously must want it.”


The highest grossing individual item was a replica portal gun signed by the staff at Valve.


Winning Bidder Phil Beveridge, 26, spent £350 to secure the item: “When I was originally thinking about it my cap was £200, but one of the other bidders was a guy I know so I thought let’s go for it. I’m really happy it’s a pretty nice gun. It’s got loads of signatures, only of Christine who was here this week but of other Valve figures I’ve met in previous years.


Commenting afterwards, auctioneer Alex Trowers said: “I think we had a signed Valve artbook go for over £400 previously. The Valve stuff tends to go for a hell of a lot of money.”


Although it did not quite match up with the figures reached in previous years, both in terms of individual items and in total there was a general good feeling amongst Animex staff after the auction.


Animex Director Gabrielle Kent in particular was pleased with the success of this year’s auction:

“Some years it’s £1000 some years we make over £3000 I’d consider this a good year at nearly £2000. We’re splitting the money between two charities, Daisy Chain which supports families with Autism and it’s also going to support local food banks.”


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