Challenge Accepted: Tekken Champion Retains Title.

King of the Iron Fist Adam Hatchley, 24, continued his unbeaten run at Challenge Accepted by edging out fellow finalist, and fellow Adam, Adam Myers, 25, after a tense battle.

In a show of confidence, Hatchley added an extra £10 to the Tekken Tag prize pool on top of his £4 entry fee. Hatchley, who has been playing Tekken since the age of five, breezed through his opponents until he met his namesake in the final.

It was not all smooth sailing however:

“When I picked Leo instead of Hwoarang that was a mistake. I meant to pick Hwoarang and I thought I did but I’d clicked Leo.” Hatchley stated.

Second placed Myers believed he slipped up when he changed from his winning formula of Paul and Kazuya.

“I don’t know why I changed but I know the moral of the story is never change a winning formation because that’s what gets you results at the end of the day.”

When asked what he had to say to future opponents, the incumbent champion simply said “Watch out.”

Due to a number of technical issues, Tekken Tag was the only tournament that ran during April’s Challenge Accepted.


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