The Challenge Accepted Cosplay Contest: April 2016


Kovie Kixx won April’s Challenge Accepted Cosplay Contest with her Chun-Li costume.

“I’m pretty happy, I’m flattered that they chose me. I’ve always been into gaming and costume making. My friend actually dragged me to a convention and said I had to dress up so I dressed up as Raven and when I went there I entered the competition and I came runner up. I thought this is something I’m good at so I did it again and again.”


Kovie didn’t hold on to her winnings for long; she decided to spend the money on drinks for the other cosplayers.


Logan Caulfield, whose Joker came a close second was quick to congratulate the winner and emphasise the community spirit amongst cosplayers. “She’s a very good friend of mine and I can’t fault her because the work she put into that was incredible.Cosplay isn’t about winning contests it’s about having fun and dressing as the characters you like, my friend won and I’m happy.”


Like most cosplayers, Kovie made the costume herself, spending around 14 hours on it.


Fellow cosplayer Jodie Wough described Kovie as her “Cosplay Senpai” before adding “everything I need help with, I go to her.”
Lyndsay Cultis, playing Fiona from Adventure Time also heaped praise on both the winner and runner up. “To be fair The Joker should have won because he was so serious but the amount of craftsmanship that went into Chun-Li’s cosplay as well, she was absolutely beautiful with it.”


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